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HANDLE WITH CARE | Answering Anxiety

My anxiety is a funny little thing.

On the one hand, it is not fun to be in a state of hyperthinking, hyperanalyzing, hyperprojecting a future that by laws of nature has not arrived yet. On the other, it’s also fun to be in a state of getting flooded by ideas, insights and inspiration. When I’m anxious, everything is ON, body and brain. I get going, and doing. Not all of it is good, not all of it is graceful.

The times I don’t feel anxious are few. Contrary to common advice, calm, serene environments are no guarantee to cure my hyper vigilance. I have had some of my most intense anxious outbursts (or better yet, “inbursts”) at post-card like white sandy beaches alongside the perfect pale-pink sunsets.

Places I feel least anxious: Airports, airplanes. Coffeeshops. Walking through cities.
Interestingly, wandering around in urban spaces with lots of busy business produces a relaxing quality when sitting in a mountain cabin, for instance, will give me cabin-fever within approximately five minutes post-arrival.

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RULE PLAY | Who made the rules?

What does it mean to do my work freely, without obeying rules I didn’t make? Heeding to what’s considered appropriate is the longstanding dilemma of my career. In the way big P (being professional) has been positioned - proper, polished, ever pleasant...and in such, devoid of passion... it just ain‘t working for me.
Being passionate means having strong emotions for, (and against something), is far from being up to code, and passion in/at work overrides any attempts to upkeep manicured public profiles, or say, deliver what’s expected.  So what happens if we stop subscribing to a narrative that says we should?

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