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HANDLE WITH CARE PT. 2 | New Answers for Anxiety

‘Greatness looks like madness until it finds its context.’

I came across this quote from Russel Brand after some more anxious adventures, and since anxiety is a complex matter to reckon with, reproaching it from a few angles seems worthwhile.

Here’s Part II on Handling Anxiety With Care.

Anxiety, besides all of its maddening aspects, can be(come) our friend. An annoying friend, admittedly, nonetheless with benefits.
It requires some mental reframing, and patience which - I know - is hard to come by when your riddled with a head full of racing-at-full-speed thoughts.

There is a light at the end of the anxious tunnel: Understanding its underpinnings, deconstructing our crazy, helps us to get us closer to reaping its benefits.

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SLOW TRAFFIC | Finding patience in (real) life

It’s interesting how writing a book demands me to do what I’m really really not good at:
Sitting down for long periods, practicing patience, and...the most annoying, infuriating piece -  learning to be okay with
                  sloooooow progress.

During my first year in the States, back when I was living in Los Angeles, I took a six month course to become certified as a Sports Rehab/PT at a school in Pasadena. On every day of my drive from West Hollywood I would race - German-style autobahn driving, obv - going 90 miles/hour until, inevitably, got slowed down by....L.A. traffic. ‘You know, L.A. traffic, how the city slow’ (Drake knows…mind you, not a single speeding ticket, but a total of 63 parking tickets...L.A. logic)

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