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HANDLE WITH CARE | Answering Anxiety

My anxiety is a funny little thing.

On the one hand, it is not fun to be in a state of hyperthinking, hyperanalyzing, hyperprojecting a future that by laws of nature has not arrived yet. On the other, it’s also fun to be in a state of getting flooded by ideas, insights and inspiration. When I’m anxious, everything is ON, body and brain. I get going, and doing. Not all of it is good, not all of it is graceful.

The times I don’t feel anxious are few. Contrary to common advice, calm, serene environments are no guarantee to cure my hyper vigilance. I have had some of my most intense anxious outbursts (or better yet, “inbursts”) at post-card like white sandy beaches alongside the perfect pale-pink sunsets.

Places I feel least anxious: Airports, airplanes. Coffeeshops. Walking through cities.
Interestingly, wandering around in urban spaces with lots of busy business produces a relaxing quality when sitting in a mountain cabin, for instance, will give me cabin-fever within approximately five minutes post-arrival.

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TRUTH BE TOLD | Why honesty wins

In the midst of my usual scan of the print magazines this past weekend, a headline in the New York Times Magazine jumped out at me. Honesty Is Still in Style, an essay where the Chicago writer Lauren Viera describes how an unassuming sign above a currency exchange shop became the guiding principle in her life: 

“For whatever reason (...) — that sign (‘Honesty is still in style’) wove its way into my personal life, (..). It’s not nostalgia. It’s because the sign addressed a basic principle we seldom talk about: this idea that humans are expected to communicate truthfully with one another — and that said connection is not only desirable, it’s also stylish, a trend of an emotional ideal.”

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