A multinational background - German-Czech-Indian, a multifaceted career in journalism, fashion, branding, wellness, nutrition and personal development, Jasmin weaves personal and professional ‘learnings’ into her work to produce progressive concepts that cultivate divergent thinking and inclusivity.



Jasmin Rahim is a New York-based coach, journalist and cross-cultural creative. She is the author of LOVE IS WHERE HIDING ENDS - A manual for mad/sad/others, available in print by end of 2019 —

Jasmin seeks to explore modern human experience on- and offline through the lenses of inquiry and compassion, creating spaces for emotional and spiritual recuperation that connect individual stories with our larger collective.

She shares ideas, stories and techniques on mental wellbeing, personal growth and and inclusivity in her newsletter ‘ W o r k i n (g) p r o g r e s s’.

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