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MORE (REAL) LIFE | Too many likes, not enough love

An uneasy admission: I love Mondays. Not because I am work-obsessed, (just a bit), but more so because I find weekends challenging — when the sun comes out (sometimes), couples come out (every-time) and, with them, my securely bottled up, contained feels creep up at me, somewhere from the crevices of my fourth chakra (the heart chakra)...

Just like you I get lonely too - a line from TLC’s song Fanmail and the namesake album (the one that had Scrubs on it) pops into my head.

Thing is, I’m not entirely sure that’s true. The ‘just like you’ part, that is. Thanks to the peepshow in my pocket I have unlimited access to, it strikes me that other folks seem to be doing better at this connecting with other humans thing.

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TRUTH BE TOLD | Why honesty wins

In the midst of my usual scan of the print magazines this past weekend, a headline in the New York Times Magazine jumped out at me. Honesty Is Still in Style, an essay where the Chicago writer Lauren Viera describes how an unassuming sign above a currency exchange shop became the guiding principle in her life: 

“For whatever reason (...) — that sign (‘Honesty is still in style’) wove its way into my personal life, (..). It’s not nostalgia. It’s because the sign addressed a basic principle we seldom talk about: this idea that humans are expected to communicate truthfully with one another — and that said connection is not only desirable, it’s also stylish, a trend of an emotional ideal.”

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